Visited Dr. Clinton, who said my blood looked great. He had not had a chance to study the hormone regimens I had brought him, but asked if I was ready to start hormones. I said yes. He said, “Let’s start with Spironolactone, as that’s something I know really well. And after 2 weeks, we’ll do some blood work to see if it’s blocking testosterone and not raising potassium. If that test is ok, then we’ll either increase the dose from 50 to 100 and/or start some form of estrogen.”

The next 7 days involved going to New York City for an academic conference, and I had a pretty good sense about the spiro beginning to work during this time. I’d really like to get my T tested, but I can tell that I don’t get spontaneous erections. I really can’t tell if my arm/leg hair is growing slower.

The conference was quite depressing to me — it seemed as if there were all these people who would be disappointed if I transitioned to female and that there was absolutely no way of doing this without hurting my family.