Overview of plans — I was thinking in bed a couple of nights ago about whether I’m moving too fast or too slow, and I laid my changes into a monthly grid and it certainly seemed to me that I’m implementing something big every month, so that’s one answer for you.

Early fall, 2006, crisis sets in
October begin dieting
December hit bottom, seek therapy
January begin therapy
February tell Mary
March tell doctor
April begin HRT
May begin laser beard removal
June get new smile
July get new hair on top of head (Bosley)

It’s not nothing. I’ve lost 40 pounds, fixed all my teeth (root canal, etc), have new teeth scheduled for the next few weeks, scheduled my first laser session this week, have made contact with Bosley and need to fly to Dallas for a consultation. I also joined many discussion boards and have familiarized myself with all the issues and have recognized myself in many postings. I told my Second Life friends about this and have their support. I also sent pictures to England for virtual facial feminization surgery, which is absolutely fascinating to me. More about that later.

OK — so it’s actually pretty fast, about a 6 month 180-degree turnaround. I can see where Mary (and others, even if they don’t know about GID) would perceive something is different and be concerned.

What more might hang on the monthly grid? It’s going to be impossible (and not really desirable) to introduce a new “begin X” in every month, because those “begin’s” need months (or years of follow up). If beard laser seems effective this week on the dark hairs, then I’ll probably want to pursue it every 6-8 weeks, in order to catch dormant follicles when they re-emerge. Anticipating 5 or 6 sessions minimum, that would put me into a May, July, Sept, Nov, Jan, March schedule, leading to electrolysis for the grey hairs after that point. If I like what I see, I might see about getting the dark hairs on my arm lasered — perhaps killing off half the follicles in order to get a lighter arm-hair profile. (most websites say that after a period of time on HRT, one can expect trunk and limb hair to diminish anywhere from entirely to somewhat, so I don’t see any reason to spend a lot of time on lasering what will already be diminished–possibly. I guess the thing to do might be to just watch the hair and see if it switches to vellus-type gradually and not worry too much about it right now).

If Bosley wants to do a multiple-step transplant (if it’s even possible to fix my hair), then that will have to hang on the grid, too. I would think that summer would be good for hair, but I really just need to meet with them to find out.