After being really sore up to two days ago, my breasts aren’t so bad yesterday and this morning. There’s a hard nodule that seems to have sprung up behind the right nipple yesterday, and I’m very aware of it, but otherwise, they’re fine — a lot less tender.

I feel quite peaceful and I don’t know whether that’s some sort of backsliding, calm before the storm, or something else.

I was talking with Ashley Lynch in Second Life a couple of days ago, and she and I seem to be very much in the same place — she’s wondering if she’s just making up this crisis and that she’s playing some sort of game or that she’s crazy delusional. What if she’s not really transsexual? Why isn’t there a simple test for GID? Why would a normal man, I respond, do these things — take hormones, etc? I think the test is in the desire, and although it wanes and waxes, experience tells us that it never goes away. I’ve never met anyone who reported it goes away.