First laser treatment was on 5/3, all along my neck up to my jawline. I filled out paperwork and disclosed estradiol and spironolactone, but no one asked. I did all my stuff in the waiting room, which was a little weird because there was no privacy. I kind of froze up and just let the technician go with what she assumed to be the case, namely that I wanted my neck and jawline to be cleaned up — I suppose that must be what she sees from men, so I figured it would make my life easier. I was doing a test on the place, on my skin, and the people, anyway, so it didn’t really matter if I had a full-beard test or just a neck test.

We put numbing gel on my neck and I played solitaire in the waiting room for 15 minutes, then reapplied gel for 15 more minutes. We then went into a room, talked about outcomes, expectations, cost, etc. I got a pamphlet and a cost sheet and then we went into the room, put on anti-laser glasses, and got to work.

It was fast, with a little blast of cryo-fluid just before the zap. It hurt a bit, but really not too much — the huge difference from electrolysis is that it was really fast, working from ear to ear all the way down to the bottom of my beard in 12 minutes She asked mid way, “so, why do you want to get rid of my beard?” but I figured I’d just waffle until I determine if she’s trustworthy and I answered something about having done electro before.

My neck was red, but not too bad. Mary was in town (I had thought she’d be at a horse show), and at dinner was concerned about my neck. I haven’t talked to her about this because so much has been happening, but I will — she likes my beard and is probably going to be disappointed in this. The redness went down quickly, but I noticed as I shaved in the following days that it looked as if I had missed spots. I think what’s going on is that these hairs are no longer anchored in their follicles, and thus, don’t stand up in order to be cut off during shaving.

Here, about a week later, on May 11th, I noticed that there were hairs kind of sitting up, but that they just rubbed out or pulled out if I tugged on them. So I guess this is the process I’ve read about online whereby the hairs (follicle-less), gradually work their way up and out over a period of time. In my case, this period appears to be 7 days on the low side, and we’ll see what the high side looks like (let’s estimate 14 days). At that point, I can examine my neck and see what sort of results I’ve got.

At this point, I am pretty impressed with it — fast, cheap, initially good looking results. What I anticipate doing is going in for my whole face after my May obligations, or the week of May 29th or so. I’d like to discuss with her working on my chest hair, but I am not sure whether the hormones will lessen it or not. Everything I’ve read online suggests the hair may vanish entirely or my lessen, but the variance is so large that it’s really hard to make any generalizations. What I could do is shave a small test area, let’s day around my nipple or at the top of the hairline, and laser it to see what it looks like, sort of a top of the shirt line like I did with electrolysis. It wouldn’t hurt anything and wouldn’t interfere with natural thinning, if I get it.