Just yesterday or the day before, I noticed that the hair just above my ankle, sort of halfway up my calf, is either gone or much thinner. I haven’t been wearing footwear that rubs, so I’m wondering if this is a side-effect of the hormones. If so, that’s really a great thing if the hairs are going to be replaced with vellus-type hair — and it’s exciting. I don’t see any difference on hair elsewhere.

I’m going to need to do a second beard laser when we get back from vacation — whatever wasn’t killed before is back. I’ve noticed that the water when I shave is more gray, indicating more gray hairs than the proportion used to be — so that’s a good thing.

Body fat — I think I feel subcutaneous fat building, but the measuring tape doesn’t indicate it and I really can’t tell. I feel like my butt is a lot jigglier and bigger, but that could be just perception — same for thighs, which feel bigger and looser. Having lost weight may also contribute to this feeling.

I guess the big thing is the breasts, which continue to grow and which seem to stand out a lot more prominently than before (at least from my perspective). The left one is still bigger than the right, but I think the right one gained some definition in the last week or so. When I catch myself in a window or a mirror, it’s kind of surprising, as it seems pretty clear there are boobs there. They’re awfully sore, too, both to the touch and when they bounce.