While I was focusing on this new hair on top of my head, something snuck up on me very subtly. I was putting on shoes or something and noticed that my leg hair, just above my ankle on the outside of both legs, was missing. I examined more closely and I believe that the long-awaited thinning of trunk and limb hair may be starting. The feet are still hairy, but the calf, from midway down all the way down to the ankle, is thinner or bare. The inside of the legs is not bare, but considerably thinner.

Well, I thought, that’s really cool. During our vacation, I noticed something else. I think the hair on my hands is thinner. here’s this zone that covers my thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers, and then in a semi-circle down to join that whole area, that’s thinner or missing. Here’s a numerical approach. Let’s count dark hairs on the first zone (from the joint to the finger tip). Left hand first. Index finger 0, middle, 6, ring, 18, pinky, 14, Thumb (next zone, 4 or 5 soft hairs). I honestly think I had something like my ring finger hair on all my other fingers, but I don’t’ have any documentation about it. But my sense is that there are follicles on various places that are dropping out from the dark, thick hairs and either going dormant under the absence of testosterone or the presence of estrogen, or they’re now producing finer, light brown hairs.

This is a good sign — I can’t see any difference on my chest and belly or elsewhere, but it could be quite subtle. I guess I’ll hold off lasering my chest for a while — there’s no hurry, and we’ll see if we get some progress through hormones.