Having had a particularly bad spell on Tuesday-Thursday, Oct 16-18, I decided to act. I called to make an appointment for a new primary care physician, which I made for about two weeks later — Since the UMC had several doctors who were taking new patients, I studied all their biographies and eventually picked the one with the biggest smile and the youngest tenure, and assistant professor for several years, Dr. Patricia Robbins.

Later that day, I drove over to Dr. Art Simon’s office, where a soft spoken, burly male nurse met me — the place was completely empty, and he explained that Dr. Simon was away today. I asked about his specialty, about whether I could self-fund or use my insurance out of area, and all of this was just great. I said he had a good web reputation, and the nurse said they had patients from as far away as Egypt. Wow, I said.

We made an appointment on the same day as my UMC appointment, a few hours later, so that will be an interesting day. He took some general information and asked what it was about. I thought about lying, but decided against it. I said I had Gender Identity Disorder and needed someone who understood hormones. The nurse said, ok, Dr. Simon certainly qualifies there. He gave me a questionnaire to take home and fill out for my appointment and sent me on my way.

This was a wonderful day for several reasons. First, I resolved the doctor issue, not just with one doctor but with two. Second, I had spoken with this nurse much more easily than the first time I sat down with my other doctor, indicating to me that I am feeling more at ease with my condition. I drove home with the window down, smiling and enjoying the day.