Having looked at my body and felt it evolving over the past months, especially in the past two months, I decided two things. First, whatever the literature says about HRT eliminating or reducing body hair is either wrong or far to subtle or slow on me. Second, I don’t think hairy boobs are very attractive.

So for this month’s visit to the torture… er… laser hair removal session, I asked my operator when I called for my appointment if we could do the first pass at my chest and belly and while we’re at it, my scruffy neck. Sure, she said, and I prepared by taking my electric shaver (the one I used to use to trim my beard) and set it to “1” (which is a little like setting it to “11,” but I guess that’s another story, and trimmed the hair down to a millimeter or so from my neck down to where the pubic hair ought to start (they blend together currently).

After the beard was done (and that awfully painful upper lip), we dove into the body, which had had numbing cream on it for 30 minutes, and it was easy, easy, easy — no pain, just good conversation and zap, zap, zap. It’s a little red this evening, and we shall see about the efficacy of laser on my body in a few weeks.