When you trans late, you’re apt to have some non-dark hairs in your beard, and that means a visit to the electrologist, the long needle, and the hundreds of bee-stings on your face. Laser only works when there is a contrast between the skin and the hair so that the energy from the laser is transmitted down the dark hair shaft to the follicle, which is killed in the blast. Gray hair, being lighter than most people’s skin, is completely oblivious to lasers.

So, after 3 or 4 laser sessions, the time has come for me to begin paying visits to a grandmotherly electrologist. I just completed my first 1-hour session, and foresee many, many more to come. It’s not as painful as the laser treatment, at least when you compare a single zap of one type to a single zap of the other type. Taken all together, however, I’d say the needle feels like it’s damaging my face a lot more than the laser. We’ll see over time.

Just another reason to take action earlier before your hairs start turning gray — that is, if you’re aware of your GID at an earlier age and know you need to do something about it.