Am I lucky or what? Just when I thought this was all my own personal crisis, I learn from multiple sources that 2007 was the year of the transsexual. Not that I mind, at all, as I’m sure I’ll benefit from being part of a trend, but I wonder if these pronouncements aren’t a little premature.

Today’s Wall Street Journal‘s Taste section has a typically bland essay touching on the major issues with this groundswell of transsexual rights, ultimately taking the stance that trans-activists are a little like extortionists in their disproportionately hostile responses to theories and theorists they don’t like, and the rest of normal society is being blackmailed into enacting rules that seem further and further away from common sense.

The San Francisco Bay Times, a gay newspaper, also opined today that trans-people had a really good 2007, pointing to legal and social improvements. Christine Daniels, the LA Times sportwriter who came out in April, gets the main photo, and that’s fine with me. What’s good about this article is its balance, not just reporting on politics or society, but also film, dance, literature, public speakers, television, and music. There is a lot of trans* activity happening out there. By the way, the author, Jacob Anderson-Minshall, writes a weekly column about trans issues called TransNation.

The big political failure, as most GLBT observers already know, is when the “T” got booted out of the ENDA bill by an act of political expediency of Barney Frank and the HRC. It’s not the end of the world, but many in the GLB community feel T must be included in the acronym soup while others think T is dragging down the GLB agenda. It remains to be seen if the loose coalition sticks together, or whether protection of gender expression, which is much more visible to “normal” society than sexual orientation, continues to be singled out by conservative groups as the end of the world as we know it (

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