A lot of transition involves keeping records, at least to me. It’s one thing when you’re just going crazy and you’re depressed and all you have to do (ALL!) is go to therapy and cry all the time. But once you’ve kind of got a direction, then you’re interested in keeping track of it all. Why? The astounding fact of the matter is that this is something I’m only going to do once, and since it’s fairly momentous, I figure it’s worth charting. I think I’m also afraid I’ll spend all this effort and won’t ever make any progress, so keeping track is one way to prove to myself that something’s happening. Another reason is that I fear that the hormones and the psychological effects of finally dealing with my lifelong trauma will make me forget things, and I want to write them down so there will be some sort of objective record.

To this end, I thought I’d share my “Who Knows” tracking sheet, which isn’t terribly full right now, but which is probably going to begin filling up, slowly in January, faster in February, and then pretty damned fast in March and April. If you’re playing along at home, you can track your own progress on this chart (all the names have been changed, so don’t worry).

There are other metrics, naturally: hormone schedule, costs, measurements, doctor visits, and so on, but they’re pretty dull and really don’t have any bearing on social relationships. I may post them all later, after the fact, in case anyone is interested.