Paid a visit to Dr. Simon today to get the results of my bloodwork from a few weeks ago. And after a year of HRT, I’m very happy to report that my numbers are terrific.

If you look at me as a man (but not for too long, please), I’m far, far below the normal testosterone (T) levels for men and I’m far, far above the normal estrogen (E1), estrone (E2), and progesterone (P) levels for men. In other words, I’m not a man any more, biochemically speaking. I thought something felt different 🙂

If you look at me as a normal, mature woman, my numbers are either average or well above average for E1, E2, and P. I’m still above the normal T levels for women, and we’ll be trying to bring that number down by half or more over the coming months.

There are so few concrete and objective measurements in this transition that I find these bloodwork results all very satisfying. I don’t know if I’m feeling “normal” because I’ve learned these numbers or if learning these numbers simply validates a “normal” feeling I’ve been having with increasing intensity as of late.

I have begun to feel as if all the pieces of my life are falling into place; I think they were mostly all there before, but the pieces didn’t fit just right, like a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle with a piece that you’ve sort of squeezed into a shape that kind of looks right, but really isn’t. Finding the right place for it is very satisfying, even if it leaves a hole you thought was complete elsewhere.