Invited by someone’s post on a discussion board, I gave this personality test a spin. I found it hard to answer some of the questions because I feel as if my mind’s a moving target now. I was aware of thinking as I hovered over my answer to any given question, “am I like this now, or have I been like this in the past, or am I moving towards this in the future?”

Gender Identity and Gender Expression apparently have an impact on one’s perceived personality — Richard Docter conducted research in the 80’s where he asked crossdressers at various national gender conventions and support groups to take the Meyers-Briggs personality test once in boy-mode (these were all MTF’s, by the way), and again a week or two later while socializing in girl-mode, and he found that the test results were quite different. I’m not aware (but I haven’t kept up with the literature) of similar tests conducted on transsexuals, perhaps once while they were closeted and doing ok with GID, once in the throes of depressing GID, once after self-acceptance and transition, and once after transition is over — I have a hunch, however, that the numbers would be different for every test.

I’m not sure these tests mean anything. I took the MBTI in grad school and was INTP, and again in my MBA program 10 years later I was INTJ. I wonder if a year and a half of hormones would shift the third variable away from T(hinking) and more towards F(eeling)?