I woke up this morning to find two handwritten cards from my boys, along with a hand-cranked emergency flashlight and two DVD’s, Old Yeller and Savage Sam (as a set), and the 4-movie collection of Tremors and its sequels. I was then visited by the boys bringing me breakfast in bed, consisting of scrambled eggs, two biscuits, and coffee. We sat on the bed, cranked the flashlight, opened the movies, and talked about how wonderful it is to be a family.

The first note looks like a christmas package and is addressed To A Special Dad, From North Pole:

Hi, George/Joyce. Santa speaking. Sorry we missed you at Christmas so here are some presents. I thank you for not picking on the boys for not going to church or doing well in school and/or not brushing teeth. Yours truly, Santa
PS — the tooth fairy is getting on to me because of the teeth thing
(We don’t care if you change — we love you)

The second note is written in a backwards code and took me some time to figure out how to read:

To: A special dad
From: your kids
Read this card backwards.
Even though you are changing we still love you. We are going to throw you the best father’s day ever. We hope you enjoy!

My own father died in 2002, and while I find myself missing him and wishing I had had the ability and courage to tell him about my true nature while he was alive, today’s beautiful gifts of love, understanding, mystery, flashlights, breakfast, and movies from Lane and Ezra pull my mind from the past and into the future, where all of us — transsexuals and cis-sexuals, children and parents — have a chance to adjust our life courses, attitudes, and relationships.

I’m folding up these letters and carrying them with me so that when I get frustrated, I can remind myself of just how lucky and loved I am.