After asking everyone I knew, after trying one of Mary Jo’s old one-piece suits, after studying catalogs, and after trying on swimming suits locally, I finally decided on this one from Lands’ End.

It looks good in the water and out of the water and is good for someone with my build. It’s conservative and does the job, especially considering I’m only going to be swimming in my own pool this summer. It’s nowhere as interesting as the one I thought might work for me in a previous blog post, but I began to really wonder how feasible that sort of thing would be for me this summer.

The important thing is not what sort of suit I’m wearing, but the fact that I feel ok with my body and that I’m spending time with Mary Jo and the boys in our swimming pool. It’s easy to get caught up in a clothing look, or a particular way of gesturing, or new makeup, but these family times together put everything back into perspective for me. This family is what is making my transition work, and I need to be reminded of that fact every time I think it’s all about me and only me.