Another day of resting and pacing. I spent a good part of the day with Q-Tips, a very weak hydrogen peroxide solution, and a hand mirror, very slowly unsticking my eyes, de-crustifying my scars, and cleaning up dried blood.

A treat of the day was a visit from Violet, who brought her nail polish, a vase of flowers, and a pint of ice cream. I got a nice new clean coat of toenail polish from her, and she also re-did Mary Jo’s toes. Since Violet is on her way to a wedding, we returned the favor and put some really cool silver/mauve nail polish on her toes, after which we enjoyed the rest of our ice cream.

I felt quite good at the end of the day now that I could see, had fresh nail polish, and thought most of my swelling and bruising was gone. Little did I know that we would soon be entering a new stage.