Monday FFS
Might have overdone it yesterday just a bit — here, at the end of Monday, I’m feeling good enough to get out on my long-planned excursion over to Target wearing my scarf instead of an wig (as picture illustrates). My head throbbed the whole way, so the scarf may not be the best plan. Bought soups and a Cherry Garcia as a treat for this evening. My left shoulder (carrying nothing, by the way) felt like it was going to fall out of its socket. As my nose is beginning to run, and sneezing is completely off-limits, I bought Claritin after talking to the pharmacist about it. Little kids giving me the eye, almost certainly because of my monster-like face, and almost certainly not because I’m a tranny. Exhausted upon return to the hotel room — enough for one day.

Ice cream is good, paying bills is good, and long baths are good. Getting home on Wednesday, however, will be really good. After today’s little outing to Target, however, I think Wednesday’s going to be quite full and very, very tiring and painful.

Face considerably more yellow over all, and much more swelling in jaw and chin than before — maybe the bony work takes longer to show the damage?