Surgery was one week ago today and while it feels as if I haven’t made any progress, I think I must admit that I actually have. My eyes still have a lot of blood (or whatever it’s called — it’s red, so I’ll call it blood) in them, pooled at the bottoms and the outsides, but otherwise, the eyes and nose are doing great. I’m sort of not looking forward to having all the staples and stitches removed from my scalp because when I accidentally bump it, the scar area really hurts.

The most annoying thing of all is the inside of my mouth, where the doctor went though to work on the jaw and chin. I feel all those threads, supposedly dissolving stitches, and they sometimes feel like little squids in between my cheek and gum, and the sensation ain’t pleasant. I imagine that there’s a big bunch of blood or sacks of pus in that space and these threads are waving out of those sacks like flagella from a single-celled organism. The thing that ate St. Louis is gestating in my mouth! I rinse out with the medicine wash, as well as warm water rinses during the day, and I continue to take my antibiotic, so I’m reasonably sure that there’s not a toxic beast growing in there. But honestly, it kind of gives me the willies — I’m sure I could eat soft chicken and rice and other things, but stuff gets trapped in that space like insects in Venus fly-traps, and I picture the rice grains struggling against the flagella as they’re sucked into the darkness — and I just don’t want to eat if that’s even remotely possible.

Packing for tomorrow’s flight home with nothing to do except my normal routine: nap, bathe, watch TV, chat, walk down to ice machine, pace, get anxious, relax, nap, etc, etc.

It’s ungodly boring.

Tuesday FFS