After coffee and packing, I set about planning my trip home today, settling on the wig for headgear since it’s not tight at all on my scar. I can’t wear eye makeup, but I can try to cover my bruises with foundation later in the day before I travel — so everything but foundation and blush got packed before my appointment. Picked a couple of outfits and packed everything else so that when I got back from my morning appointment, I wouldn’t have anything to do except rest for a bit, then go to the airport for my 4:00 flight.

I took a cab when I discovered that all my careful requests about the hotel shuttle had apparently been ignored, and met with Dr. Spiegel’s team of doctors and nurses to remove my staples and stitches and to talk about post-operative care. The staples aren’t bad, but some of the stitches were. The stitches under my nose weren’t bad at all. Prying off my nose cast was more difficult than usual, for it seems that many patients don’t follow instructions and get it wet. We had to go with adhesive dissolver to finally make progress.

Dr. Spiegel said that all looked well and recommended some gentle massage around my nose and chin over the next few weeks, but he seemed pleased with the scalp advance and the nose, especially. He had no comment on the lips or eyes, and confirmed that swelling in the jaw and chin proceeds on its own pace, quite differently from other parts of the operation. He asked his assistant to give me a couple of dissolving stitches in my head, two on either side, to assist me in traveling today, and requested that I wear an Ace bandage for my face instead of a fashionable scarf or wig.

Questions I had:
numbness on lower lip and chin — they’ll go away over a few weeks to a few months
those damned dissolving stitches in my mouth — another week
eye bloodiness — it’s inside the eye, could be a couple of weeks
followup care for scalp — next summer I might do my last hair transplant
resume electrolysis — immediately on non-scar areas and 3-4 weeks on scar areas
asymmetry — due to asymmetric swelling — massage and time will align everything

So the Boston trip is finished, not quite as bad as I had expected. Here I am before some non-eye makeup and off to the airport:

Not having a photo i.d. (Mary Jo kept it during surgery and forgot to give it to me), I left for the airport at 12:30 for my 4:00 flight carrying all my other I.D. cards and an envelope of $1 bills for tips, as I was not about to carry my stuff myself.