On the 15th day after surgery, the blood pool in my eyes continues to diminish, but not without providing amusement to the kids and horror to others. (I wonder what the “fix red eye” command would do in Photoshop?)

My jaw, face, and chin still quite swollen, as you can see from these pictures. I think the nose is a bit swollen, but I really can’t tell.

It’s funny, but as the big swelling has reduced, I’ve become more aware of it, maybe because I’m moving my face muscles more in expression. My lower lip and chin are still numb, so combined with the tightness and soreness, my expressions resemble a stoke victim on the mend. I’m also aware of soreness or tightness in my tendons in my neck, especially below the edge of the jaw. I had previously said I felt I was perhaps 75% healed, but I think I need to realistically revise it to say I’m more like 50%. It’s not nothing, but it’s going to be 2-4 more weeks before I look something like I’ll eventually look.