From the National Center for Transgender Equality

Achieving our goal of transgender equality requires activism at the local, state and national levels. While NCTE focuses on federal policies, we strongly support and encourage the vital work of grassroots activists. Each week during 2006, we featured an idea for action that you can take at a local level. Some are challenging, while others are relatively simple; all are effective ideas and include links, resources and thoughts to help you get started. Some are things you can do on your own, while others are ideas for local groups to work on. We hope that you will take on projects that spark your interest and that meet a need in your community as we work together for equality for all people.

I’m reading the list to see what I’ve already done, what I can do reasonably in the next year, and what strikes me as really hard. What about you?

Here are the first 10:

#1: Take a Trans Person to Lunch
#2: Ask your library to carry books that deal positively with trans people
#3: Attend an anti-racism training and put into practice what you learn
#4: Run for Office
#5: Invite your mayor or other elected official to address a trans group or town meeting
#6: Plan an Art Show of Works by Trans Artists
#7: Create and publicize a calendar of local events and encourage people to attend them
#8: Start an online community or a blog that deals with an issue that is important to you
#9: Change the Policy of an Organization You Belong To
#10: Donate money to an organization providing direct services for transgender people

Read the whole list with explanations and print a poster if you want …