I just took the newly-released National Survey on Transgender Discrimination, and urge you to do so, as well. In responding to the survey questions, I realize just how smoothly my transsexual transition has been. I was unable to say “yes” to any questions about discrimination at work, in seeking medical attention, in dealing with the police or law, or in my daily routine. I don’t know whether it’s because of having power, as one of my friends asserts, or because of having some money (or at least having come from a moneyed family in my home town), as was detailed in a blog post a couple of months ago, or maybe some other factor. Maybe Bedford Falls is tolerant and accepting and interested in diversity, even in the face of brutal stereotypes about it to the contrary. Maybe the world responds to me like a mirror, and since I’ve been going around about my business, maybe the world does the same. Or maybe I’m just lucky. I don’t know, but I do feel lucky and blessed and accepted, however it has come about.

In any case, set aside some time, as it’s quite comprehensive. This survey is yet another good outcome from the productive partnership between the NCTE and the Task Force — you will recall that they released the booklet Opening the Door to the Inclusion of Transgender People in April, 2008, a very reasonable and organizational-minded booklet. At my own university, this book is the cornerstone of the upcoming (Oct 6-10) LGBT Coming Out Awareness Week, about which I’ll write more later.

Respond to the survey online at