I have been less than honest with you. I have withheld information. There has been a lot going on in my head these past couple of months, but I didn’t feel these thoughts rose to the level of the blog’s general mission, namely, to translate for you what it’s like to be transsexual. I can’t write about the intense psychological drama and pain that I experienced in 2006, 2007, and most of 2008 because, thankfully, it has vanished. I have been writing drafts of ideas and observations since November, but have held back, working on the from time to time until they were ready for publication.

I like to write and I want to keep writing, and so I’m going to shift gears. I don’t know if the blog posts will be as interesting as they used to be, or as thoughtful as I tried to make them, but I don’t like being stuck writing nothing. I’m going to publish the backlog of observations and they’ll appear on the dates I started them, like “GRS” from Sept 20, “Power and Truth” from Nov 6th, “Great Expectations” from Nov 16th, or “Too Much” from Dec 11; then I’m going to try to catch you up on all I’ve been withholding from you: activities, thoughts, and plans that aren’t very dramatic, but which are integral to my existence. I guess I’m still becoming Joyce, but it occurs to me that we’re all always becoming ourselves, so maybe what I’m feeling is that I’m settling into being Joyce, becoming accustomed to daily life and learning the lessons from those daily experiences.

We can call this new chapter “Mundane Joyce,” and in the movie version of this story, it would be a montage of little scenes of normal life, narrated by a calm voice reflecting on the marvels of simple things.