In preparation for surgery, one of the things I’m supposed to do is remove the hair from the area to be inverted.

My surgeon wants the area hair-free before my date, and not wanting to fall behind schedule, I finally decided to let the girls at E3K do the job. They use lidocaine and I know them really well after 4 face sessions.

So I flew again to Addison to get started. I wore a skirt (which I never do when I fly, but I was figuring on being really swollen) and normal makeup (which I hardly ever wear when I fly to Addison since I’m usually going there to have my face zapped).

It’s odd standing in a room chatting about weather, flying, and other innocent things when you’re about to sit down to have your privates zapped, but I finally relaxed and we got started. The lidocaine shots don’t hurt as much as those in the face, for starters — they’re just little pricks.

Which reminds me that any fears one might have about tumescence should be dismissed — once you start injections and electric zaps, it’s simply impossible.

It didn’t take long at all, perhaps an hour or 90 minutes. No real swelling, no real pain. In fact, it was numb, almost as if it wasn’t there, which was a very interesting (and perhaps anticipatory) feeling.

The days after were not difficult at all — in fact, I had made this even out to be a lot harder than it actually turned out to be.