Visited Dr. Reynolds today for a new aviation medical, armed with a sheaf of papers from surgeons and psychologists saying I was a reasonable transsexual (as reasonable as can be expected, I guess). I passed the office tests easily: the color blindness, the vision (near and far) test, moving my limbs easily, the urine test, the hearing test, and the full disclosure of all conditions, doctor visits, and hospitalizations over the course of my life.

The nurses were quite chatty and helpful, while the doc seemed a bit gruff. He said at one point that maybe I’d get my medical and I could learn to fly, to which I responded I have over 700 hours, my multi- and single-engine private pilot’s license with an instrument rating and complex aircraft endorsements. Furthermore, my last flight was a few weeks ago, just about the time Dr. Salazar opined that my current medical had been handled completely improperly.

“Oh,” he said. “Well, maybe things will go well in Oklahoma City, then.”

It was nothing, and my paperwork now goes to the regional medical examiner, who will determine if I’m mentally OK to fly. I understand how the FAA works, but I find the whole “Gender Dysphoria is disqualifying until documents are submitted” argument feels as if a certain group of people is being picked on unreasonably.