The TransLate blog just hit 80,000 page views (see 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000, 60,000, and 70,000 for historical context). The period of November 26th, 2009 to April 1, 2010 is 17 weeks, which represents a slow pace with a few search engine hits and a few spikes when someone new discovers the blog.  There hasn’t been a lot to write about, at least regarding transsexual transition, and maybe that is a signal that it’s time to move on.  I don’t know. Here are some statistics and lists that graphically show the recent trends.

Lower down, I’ll share with you which pages were most popular and what sort of searches people conduct to find the blog.

Here’s a visual look at the blog since its inception, month-by-month, the initial slow growth coinciding with a slow coming out process, followed by the lofty peaks of April (5076 views that month) as I disclosed my transsexual transition plans to everyone, followed by a lull in May and another set of peaks probably coinciding with my facial feminization surgery in late June 2008. There was a little hump of interest in July – September, after which the blog has seen fairly steady volume of between 2000 and 3000 views per month. There’s an uptick in July and August as I write about my GRS in Trinidad (who doesn’t like to read about surgery, right?), and then there hasn’t been a lot of action since then.

Translate Month-by-Month Page Views

And here’s a graph of the week-by-week look, which WordPress picks up in mid- to late-2009.

Week-by-Week since November 2009

Finally, just for fun, this third chart is a time-series graph covering just the past 30 days’ of stats.

Daily Page Views, most recent 30 days

What do people read? Here are the top posts for the past 30 days (views > 1)

Top Posts for 30 days ending 2010-04-02 (Summarized)

2010-03-03 to Today

Title Views
Home page 1,521
Catalyst 77
Trans 101 73
About 36
The Pilot’s Scarlet Letter 35
Suits Me 25
Marriage 21
Changing the M to F 20
Words of Marriage and Union 14
Trans-spotting 13
Name and Sex at the FAA 12
The Feminine Mistake 11
Parenting 10
Gender Issues “Disqualifying Conditions” 9
Knowing at the Morning After House 8
Gender Discrimination Survey 8
FFS Assessment by Alexandra 7
FAA Bureaucracy and Web Misinformation 7
Letters 6
Public Denial 6
50,000 Pages 6
Just Joyce 6
Trans-gendered: Theology, Ministry, and 6
Kids and Joyce 6
Nothing At All 6
Invisible Party Dress 5
20,000 Pages 5
Narrative Erasures 5
40,000 Pages 5
FAA Issues Resolved 4
Mike and Christine 3
You Look Good in My Skirt 3
This is the Dawning… 3
30,000 Pages 3
Makeover at MAC 3
The Rest of GRS Hospital Stay 3
Praying for General Relief 3
Electrolysis 3
Finishing the Letter 2
Fire 2
A Little Help From My Friends 2
New Year’s Meme 2
Birth 2
Industrial Strength Electrolysis 2
Facing Change, Changing Face 2
What is Laser Like? 2
This is a Photograph of Me 2
Feels Like Grief 2
RadFem Womyn-Only Spaces 2
Facing East (part 1) 2
Gender Identity in Obama Administration 2
Authentic vs. Legitimate 2
70,000 Pages 2
60,000 Pages 2
Incognito 2
EU Says Trans* Discrimination Unacceptab 2