Everyone knows

Mary Jo and I told the following people from January 2008 to April 2008:

Mary Jo, my wife
Lane (11) and
Ezra (9), my children
Mitch Law, my cousin, via email
Arwen Law, my cousin, via email
Liz Rhapsody, my sister, and her husband Jimmy Rhapsody (ραψωδία in Greek)
Lynn and Tye Rhapsody, their kids
Jack and DeeAnne Law, my uncle and aunt who live in my hometown
William and Phoebe Peacock, another uncle and aunt
Patrick and Patricia, another aunt and uncle

High School Friends from Empire Falls HS
Keith C
Randy S
Anne H
Sarah R
Tracy R
Bill D
Ann C
Frank S
David F
Leigh B

My Friends
Christine Barbaro, my assistant and presumably her husband
Will Bunting, partner in business, and his wife Sarafina, by mail
Debra, my dear, serious, ex-girlfriend (1991-3), via email, and her husband Pete
Violet Eggplant, from Second Life
Gilahelio Grebe, from Second Life
Gail, my ex-wife (1984-90), via email, and her mom, Bonnie, and presumably her husband Clint
Slade Taggart, best friend since grade school, and his wife Liza
Trace Jardin, via Yahoo IM
Michael O’Malley, colleague from my days teaching abroad, via Facebook, and his partner Laurent
Gerald Peak and
Helena Faith, longtime friends out in California via email
Honoria Starbuck, dear friend and artist, via email
Pete Tyler, partner in business, and his wife Kara, by mail
Alex Zuboff, by mail and text messages
Anna, John’s wife in Austin
Bill, my CPA
Janelle C
Ron P

Mary Jo’s Friends
Karrie, Mary’s horse buddy, and her husband Les, told by Mary Jo
Martina, Mary Jo’s best friend from college, via email, and her husband, Cal

Crawford Baehn, via Yahoo IM
Sheldon Ball and his wife,
Jennifer Peterson
Kevin Bacon and his wife Lana
Timothy Barken and his wife Lauren Bard
Khloe Cavender
Miles Borocky
Andrea Easton
Arturo Fresco
Kathleen Gilbert
Shawn Gross and his wife Irene
Annabelle Hockworthy
Milo Kenderbock
Frank Kerr and his wife Janet, by mail
Andrea Koenig
Byron Schiller
Suzanne Long
Bryan McAllister and his wife Suzanne
Rob Rye
John Samsung and his wife Shana
Julie Slade
Kerr St. Adams and his wife Doreen
Penelope Yaro, told by Julie Slade
Sam Zdenton and his wife, Deborah

University Officials
Sean Drummond, my dept. chair and his wife, Lisa, f2f
Janis Wilson, the dean of my college, f2f
Bob Marlow, the provost, who knows that there is a transsexual transitioning on campus, but doesn’t know me specifically
Valerie P in provost’s office, f2f
Michele M in distance ed, via email
Matt B in agriculture, via email
Scott C in development, via email

Colleagues at Other Universities
Hugh Boyles, via email
Jake Barbee, via email
Dena Grigio, via email
Judith Fitzpatrick, via email
Suzanne Herringbone and her partner Eileen Alderson, via Facebook
Dan Yates, via IM
Ina Roberts, via IM
Everyone at the gender and technology conference on 4/11
Judy and Trent
Jerry B

People Told in New Orleans (that I know of)
Mary Jo and I told a lot of people 4/2-4/6

david j
dana h
kathy n
carolyn r
fawn m
derek r
mike s and tammy c-s
bill h-d
nick c
patricia g
carol p
cindy and dickie s
linda h
mary h
janice w
cheryl b
krista r
chris f
molly t
barbara d
cheryl g and jon o
beverly m
sally h
joanna wolf
michael d
jim d
michele eb
Will b

Dr. Clinton (my physician who subsequently retired)
Chuck Garcia (my therapist)
Judith Gunter, my laser operator
Dr. Hubert (hair doctor)
Meredith (Mary Jo’s nurse practitioner), told by Mary Jo
Dr. Robbins (my new general physician)
Dr. Simon (my new specialist physician — hormones)

Graduate Students

Kevin and Katherine
Chris and Tom
Susan and Ed

Undergraduate Students

PFLAG membership in Bedford Falls

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