Transition may feel as if it’s all about the transitioner, and when you’re living inside a transsexual head, I suppose it’s a necessary feeling that everything revolves around you. But the truth is that your transition impacts those around you, and the nearer the relationship, the more energetic the needs.

In my case, Mary Jo and my children are directly in the blast of my transition and although they are supportive, I know it’s terrifically difficult and confusing. I have learned to speak a lot more openly with my children about my plans, my excitement, and my fears — and this new level of communication has been a beautiful gift during these hard times. While I would do anything for my children, I also need to become whole — for myself and for them.

I will revise this page frequently, but I want to gather information and thoughts about parenting, specifically focusing on children who have transsexual parents who are transitioning or who have transitioned.

I’ve written a post about it and have a link to it, but one of the best places is COLAGE with its comprehensive list of web and print resources, along with its specific resources for Kids of Trans.

TransParentcy is up-to-date and valuable for transsexual parents.

Successful transsexual families, a website with success stories.

If you have parenting tips, have a success story to add, or know of other online resources, please feel free to post them as comments.

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